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This lab will teach you about cacti 1.2.22 CVE-2022-46169 exploit and how to use it, via metasploit module cacti_unauthenticated_cmd_injection or CVE-2022-46169 PoC, how to get root on the docker container by using /sbin/capsh SUID and root on the main machine through docker engine moby CVE-2021-41091.


I added monitorstwo.htb to /etc/hosts and started with nmap scan which revealed ports 22 and 80 opened.

nmap scan which revealed ports 22 and 80 opened.


I checked the web server and was running cacti 1.2.22 which is vulnerable (CVE-2022-46169), I found on internet that there are multiple ways to exploit it. The first one is to use metasploit module cacti-unauthenticated-remote-code-execution and the second via CVE-2022-46169 PoC. I used the metasploit module and it was pretty easy.

search cacti
use exploit/linux/http/cacti-unauthenticated-remote-code-execution
set RHOST $HTB-lab-IP
set RPORT 80
metasploit screenshot with the module used to exploit the server

The exploit worked!

proof of the reverse shell that I got via metasploit module.

System Enumeration:

At first I found something interesting inside /entrypoint.sh which was mysql --host=db --user=root --password=root that means mysql runs somewhere but where!? Later on I found that was running outside the docker container and I logged with root : root in via this command:
mysql -h -u root -p
then I searched inside the mysql database and found some credentials
use cacti;
show tables;
SELECT * FROM user_auth;

There was some credentials: username + hashed password, I used crackstation to decode the password.

credentials dump from sql database.

Then I logged in via ssh with credentials found earlier:
ssh marcus@monitorstwo.htb

On the docker container there was a SUID: /sbin/capsh while the main machine was vulnerable to CVE-2021-41091 that is a flaw in Moby (docker engine) that allows unprivileged Linux users to traverse and execute programs within the data directory (usually located at /var/lib/docker) due to improperly restricted permissions. I found an email from root to user marcus that was talking about that vulnerability.

/sbin/capsh SUID

System Exploitation:

I went back to my www-user shell (the one that I got with metasploit) and made myself root with that command:
capsh --gid=0 --uid=0 -- poc of getting root on the docker container

then changed the bash's docker permission with the following command: chmod u+s /bin/bash as CVE-2021-41091 was saying.

After that I uploaded the CVE-2021-41091 exploit, gave it permission to run and ran it. I simply followed the instructions from here: CVE-2021-41091

Steps to get root via CVE-2021-41091 and poc of root's flag.